Experienced, Certified Consulting

Consulting services for individuals and businesses seeking to protect  their valued information assets. 

Information Security


Confidentiality – Prevention of unauthorized disclosure
Integrity – Prevention of unauthorized modification
Availability – Prevention of data loss, or loss of access

Security breaches often have a negative business impact to your organization…
    • Financial Losses
    • Theft of Identity or Intellectual Property
    • Image, Brand or Reputation Impact 

—  Is your sensitive data secure?
—  Are your controls adequate?

 . . . .The answer might surprise you!

 Information Security done right will not stand in the way of business processes and will not create “speed bumps”.   Information Security done right will enable your business for growth by providing the mechanisms to do new things and grow your business safely.   Information Security done right will balance the level of protection with the sensitivity and value of your data.  


Vendor Security Assessments

Have you entrusted your high-value information assets to another business?  Our evidence based Vendor security assessment service will provide you the insight you need to ensure effective security controls are protecting your valued information assets.  

Legal Contract: Security Language Review and Negotiation

Does your business engage Master Service Agreements, Statements of Work or other legal documents?   Do your external partners understand and agree to your requirements for protecting your high-value information assets?  Our certified consulting service experience will ensure your information security expectations are included and understood by all parties.

Information Security Baseline / GAP Assessments / Risk Analysis / Compliance Audits

What is your organizational tolerance for risk?  Are your information security requirements documented, implemented and operationally effective?  Our certified consulting service experience will provide you the insight and direction you seek to protect your high-value information assets and comply to any applicable regulatory requirements.